How To Adjust Your Supplement Serving Size Based on Body Weight

Every single human being is different. Companies who make supplements have to create a standard serving size for a wide variety of people. But obviously a 250 pound man has different requirements than a 105lbs woman.

So how do you adjust your supplement serving size to be the most effective?

Our suggestion is to assume that unless otherwise specified, your supplement has been dosed for a 180lbs person. By knowing this simple fact, you can do a calculation to adjust your supplement dose to fit your specific body.

R * (W / 180) = S

R = recommended doseage
W = your weight
S = your serving size

Let’s say that your protein powder comes with 28g of protein per serving. Maybe you’ve done calculations and already know how many grams of protein your body can handle at one time, and further how many grams of protein you need to eat each day (we recommend 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight for a day). But maybe you haven’t done these calculations. Our recommended best guess for how to adjust your single protein powder doseage is to do this calculation:

28 * (W / 180) = S

Let’s say you weigh 125 lbs. Then you replace W above with 125 and the dosage you should take is 19.4 grams.

Let’s say you weigh 280lbs. Then you replace W above with 280 and the dosage you should take is 43.6 grams.

You can do these calculations with any supplement on the market (pre-workout, etc) and usually come up with a good estimate for adjusting dosage based on your body weight.