What are the benefits of Taurine?


You may know Taurine from energy drinks like Red Bull. But what exactly Taurine and what does it do? We’ll explore these questions below.

What is Taurine?

Taurine is a sulfonic acid that occurs naturally in the human body. We find it most prevalent in the brain, eyes, heart and skeletal muscles so we can assume it is especially beneficial to these areas of our bodies.

Taurine is considered a conditionally essential amino acid. Our bodies can make it’s own however it is best to get some dietary sources as well.

Why is Taurine included in Energy Drinks?

Taurine is most likely included in energy drinks because of the sense of mental well being and calm that it provides. It is also beneficial to both the cardiovascular and nervous systems. It has a positive mental effect

What are the main benefits of Taurine?

– Mental well being, clarity and calm
– Better sleep
– Cardiovascular support
– Slight increase in athletic performance

Does Taurine have any side effects?

Taurine is thought to be a natural diuretic. Because of this, it may reduce hydration during exercise.

What are some natural sources of Taurine?

Taurine is found primarily in meets like beef, chicken and lamb as well as oily fish like Salmon and Mackerel, shellfish like crab, and dairy products like milk and yogurt.

Most people consume about 200mg of Taurine per day.

What is the best dosage for Taurine?

Typical dosage for regular Taurine supplementation is between 1-3g per day is the industry standard. However, a wider range of 500mg to 6g have been used.

What is the best time of day to take Taurine?

Because Taurine is mostly used by the body at night, we recommend taking it in the evening for maximum benefit. There is also evidence that it helps with sleep.

What does Taurine taste like and how does it mix in water?

Texture of taurine is like a fine sugar or salt. It can have both a very light sweet taste but there’s also a slightly acidic quality that gives it a barely noticeable sour flavor. It mixes well and drinks smooth in water.

Is Taurine good as a pre-workout supplement?

Rating: 4/10. There are some studies showing increased athletic performance, but the results are mixed. There are worries that it counteracts caffeine uptake and also might deplete muscle hydration as a natural diuretic.