Top 10 Best Supplements for Teachers

Teachers always get sick. We’re not kidding. They are always sick! They’re surrounded by children all day who don’t cover their mouths when they cough, sneeze everywhere, probably don’t wash their hands very often, love to sit on their teacher’s lap, put their hands on everything they’re not supposed to, and basically just spread sickness everywhere they go! Kids loves germs and germs love kids. It’s just fact.

So how can teachers keep their immune systems in tip top shape so they don’t bring home a new cold every single week? Vitamins! Minerals! Nutrients!

When working with children, it is important to take the right supplements every morning before beginning your germ filled day. Here’s our list of the Top 10 Best Supplements for Teachers! Stay healthy!

Olive Leaf Extract:

Olive leaf extract comes from the leaves of olive trees and is pretty magical. The extract is a traditional medicinal herb that provides antibacterial, antiviral, and anti fungal benefits to fight off infections. Oleuropein is the powerful compound found in the extract that holds all of the strength. This compound interferes with the growth of viruses and bacteria within the body. Olive leaf extract is the bees knees. It’s a necessity!


Teachers aren’t the only ones who should be taking probiotics – but they are the definitely the individuals who would be silly to skip them. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are actually good for our health! Probiotics are commonly referred to as “good” bacteria. It’s an interesting concept, and it works! Probiotics are a bacteria that we actually encourage in our bodies. Our bodies are actually full of bacteria. Some are good, some are bad. Probiotics are essential. They help keep our gut healthy.

Probiotics work in a few different ways. One way they keep us healthy is by replacing good bacteria when our bodies are in need. For example, after taking antibiotics, our bodies lose “good” bacteria. They also work by keeping a proper balance between our “good” and “bad” bacteria. Probiotics are great for teachers because they keep your digestive health in check. All sicknesses and diseases start in the gut, so it’s very important to take care of your gut. This is something that is often overlooked and when it comes to people who spend their days surrounded by children, it is easy to start to feel lousy and let sicknesses creep in. Probiotics will be your best friend!

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant with loads of benefits. The main benefit is its ability to help the body form and maintain connective tissue. Vitamin C fights bacteria, viruses, infections, promotes strong and healthy bones, skin, and teeth, boosts the body’s ability to heal wounds and cuts, and so much more. It can be difficult to get enough vitamin C through your diet alone, especially when your immune system needs to be at a ridiculously high level. Vitamin C supplements are easy to take and affordable. Teachers definitely need to add vitamin C into their daily vitamin regime.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

It’s important to provide our bodies with the proper amount of omega-3 fatty acids because our bodies do not produce them on their own. For teachers, omega-3 fatty acid supplements are especially important because of the health benefits they provide such as reducing inflammation, easing joint pains, improving brain function, improving cardio health, reducing menstrual discomfort, and more.

Omega-3 fatty acids can be found naturally in foods such as fish, seeds, nuts but it can be difficult to get the proper amount through diet alone. This is where supplements save the day!


Antioxidants are sort of a broad category, but we just think every teacher should know about them. They boost immune system levels, promote energy, increase brain health, promote your overall wellbeing, and so much more.

Antioxidants can keep people who are frequently around germs and sicknesses from feeling run down. They have magical energizing powers that make you ready for anything, except your bed! Antioxidants are a class of micronutrients. Micronutrient means that our bodies only require a small amount of said nutrient in order for metabolic functions to run properly. Antioxidants work by blocking any harmful chemical reactions that are caused by oxidation. There are many different kinds of antioxidants, and, as we previously noted, the supplement category is fairly broad. However, just about any antioxidant you can get your hands on will have you thanking us in the long run!


Taking a multivitamin every morning is something that every teacher should consider a necessity. Multivitamins are great for everyone, but they are especially useful for people with not so normal diets, busy lifestyles, jobs that put their health at risk, and more. Teachers fall into at least one of those categories. Multivitamins are a quick, easy and affordable way to fill any dietary gaps, boost immune systems, and strengthen bones.

Take a multivitamin every morning and thank us later!


Selenium is a powerful mineral that every teacher will love. Selenium is found naturally in the soil that also appears in certain foods and even water. It’s extremely important for the human body because of its effect on the immune system, it’s role in antioxidant activity, defense against free radical damage, reducing inflammation, and promoting a healthy metabolism. Consuming natural selenium has a long list of antiviral benefits. It’s crucial for fertility and reproduction, and reduces the risk of diseases.

Selenium promotes an increase in antioxidant capabilities and the quality of blood flow. This helps to enhance the body’s protection against diseases and stress. Many experts recommend taking selenium and vitamin E together because it maximizes the body’s absorption rate. The two should be taken daily with a meal.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D, along with the other supplements on this list, is a wonderful immune system booster. However, it is also an energy and brain booster — two things that teachers most definitely need in order to be on their A game. Vitamin D also maintains the health of bones and teeth, supports brain and nervous system health, regulates insulin levels, and supports lung and cardiovascular health. Being a teacher is a tough gig and these superheroes need all the help they can get!

Vitamin D is a fat soluble hormone that is made and synthesized naturally in the body. There are two different types of vitamin D:

–  Vitamin D2 is synthesized by plants

-Vitamin D3 is synthesized by humans when our skin is exposed to UV rays from sunlight. Vitamin D can be consumed naturally in our diets but it is mostly found in meats. For vegetarians and vegans, this can be a tough game.


Zinc is a pretty incredible supplement for teachers and people who surround themselves with germs every day! Zinc is naturally found in cells throughout the body but most of the time our bodies need that extra boost to stay healthy.

Zinc helps the immune system fight off bacteria and viruses that can invade the body. If you feel a cold coming on, make sure you start taking zinc immediately. You won’t regret it. Aside from boosting the body’s immune system and increasing energy levels, the body also needs zinc to make proteins and DNA.


Iron deficiencies are far too common, especially among people who live busy lifestyles –  like teachers. Iron deficiencies can lead to a long list of health risks such as anemia. Iron is found in foods such as red meat, beans, dark leafy vegetables, and more. However getting the proper amount can be difficult depending on your diet and lifestyle. This is where iron supplements can save you! Why risk your health well you can simply take one capsule with breakfast?

Iron is a mineral that helps carry oxygen in red blood cells and transmitting nerve impulses. All of our cells contain iron but most of the iron in our bodies is in our red blood cells. Red blood cells work to transport oxygen from the lungs to the organs and tissues and then throughout the body. Iron supplements help boost energy levels, increase brain function, and are crucial for muscle health and formation, and so much more!