Natural Testosterone Boosting Supplements and Tricks

Studies show that today’s men have 30-40% less testosterone than men from one hundred years ago. Testosterone levels have dropped especially in the last century across Western countries. Much of this drop in testosterone is due to changes in the environment and more sedentary lifestyles. There are many men currently experiencing low testosterone symptoms all over the world.

The sad thing about the widespread drop in testosterone among men is that testosterone is a “well being” hormone. Men report a higher state of well being and passion for life when their testosterone levels are on the high range. Alternatively, men report disillusionment and lack of motivation when testosterone levels are low. In a literal sense it can be said that testosterone is a “life giving” hormone for men.

Testosterone is literally what makes men feel like men.
In a more natural setting, the male body produces testosterone for normal functioning but also as a response to environmental challenges. To produce natural testosterone, the body needs some basic ingredients. Being deficient in these ingredients can prevent you from producing an optimal level of testosterone.

The amount of testosterone that your body naturally produces depends on your genetics, your food sources, your age, your level of activity and many other environmental factors. While you may be partially limited by your genetics, there are many things you can do as a natural testosterone booster.

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Here are some general rules for natural testosterone enhancement:

Stress less: Cortisol blocks Testosterone production.

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Sleep more: Men who get more sleep have naturally higher testosterone levels.

Limit estrogen enhancers: Soy, alcohol, smoking, milk, some preservatives.

Spend more time outside: Sun + activity.

Spend less time sitting: Testosterone production slows down while sitting.

Lose belly fat: The more belly fat you have, the higher your estrogen levels and lower your testosterone levels.

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Eat Well: Get most of your nutrients from natural foods, with a focus on meat and vegetables as your primary source of nutrients.

Lift Heavy: Your body’s response to lifting heavy things is to adapt and produce more testosterone.

Below we have listed 35 supplements and tricks you can use to boost your testosterone into that 500-1100 sweet spot.

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Testosterone Essential Nutrients:

37. Zinc: Deficiency associated with lower testosterone. Required building block.

36. Magnesium: Deficiency associated with lower testosterone. Required building block.

35. Vitamin D and Sunshine: Deficiency associated with lower testosterone. Required building block.

34. Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Works by increasing the production of luteinizing hormone.

33. Probiotics: Some can convert cortisol into androgens (Reference.)

Supplements That Are Testosterone and Virility Enhancers:

32. L-Citrulline: Body converts to arginine which promotes higher testosterone levels.

31. Diindolylmethane: A natural estrogen metabolizer.

30. Reservatrol: Lowers estrogen and increases testosterone. (Reference.)

29. Ashwagandha: Proven 10-20% increase in testosterone.
Information found here: (Reference.)

28. Shilajit: Proven to show 20-30% increase in testosterone over 3 months. (Reference.)

27. Mucuna Pruriens: Proven to show 20-30% increase in testosterone over 3 months. (Reference.)

26. Tongkat Ali: Works as a cortisol suppressor. Studies show it can raise testosterone levels up to 37% in only 4 weeks. (Reference.)

25. Horny goat weed: A natural cortisol suppressor.

24. Royal Jelly: When taken regularly for 3-6 months, is proven to increase testosterone levels by 10-20%.

Foods That Naturally Enhance Testosterone Levels:

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23. Avocado: Mono saturated fats lower LDL cholesterol and thus increase testosterone levels.

22. Oysters: A natural source of zinc.

21. Salmon: Contains magnesium, vitamin B and Omega 3s. These all aid in natural testosterone production.

20. Broccoli: A natural estrogen metabolizer.

19. Cabbage: Contains indole-3-carbinol which lowers estrogen and increases testosterone naturally.

18. Spinach: Contains magnesium, vitamin E and vitamin C which are all required for testosterone. Spinach also lowers estrogen levels.

17. Ginger: Can increase testosterone levels by 10-20% when taken for 90 days. (Reference.)

16. Garlic: Contains the compound allicin which lowers cortisol making testosterone more effective.

15. Eggs: Contains saturated fat, vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids which are all required for testosterone.

14. Asparagus: Contains folic acid, vitamin E, and potassium which are all required for testosterone.

13. Honey: Contains boron which helps testosterone production.

Some Life Style Changes That Can Naturally Boost Testosterone:

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12. Squats and deadlifts are the biggest testosterone producing exercises

11. HIIT Workouts (High Intensity)

10. Chopping wood and sledgehammer workouts

9. Sleeping 8-9 hours a night is ideal for maximizing testosterone production. Each hour of sleep correlates with about a 15% increase in testosterone. (Reference.)

8. More sex produces more testosterone.

7. Avoiding drinking and smoking which both increase estrogen.

6. Playing sports.

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5. Rock climbing is the ideal physical activity. It is natural and a full body activity that is proven to boost testosterone.

4. Proper diet and multivitamins are crucial. Our bodies produce more testosterone when nutritional building blocks are already in place.

3. Taking long walks in the sun. You kill two birds with one stone! Activity and vitamin D are crucial for testosterone production.

2. Avoiding plastics. They can suppress testosterone production.

  1. Avoiding soy based foods which increase estrogen levels.