When To Take Digestive Enzymes

What Are Digestive Enzymes?

Similar to most supplements on the market, digestive enzymes can be found in the body, but when taking it in supplement form, it is important to know how to manage the timing of your supplement. This is why we are discussing when to take digestive enzymes. Proper timing can change your life for the better.

We all eat food but what do our bodies do with it this food and how does the food keep us healthy? The answer lies in our digestive system. Our digestive systems don’t absorb food, they absorb nutrients. Digestive enzymes, which are primarily produced in the pancreas and small intestine, break down our food into nutrients so that our bodies can absorb them. Once this happens, our bodies can get everything they need to remain strong and healthy. If our bodies do not have enough digestive enzymes, they cannot break down our food. This means that even if we are eating ridiculously healthy, our body’s aren’t absorbing all that good nutrition.

To make this applicable to every day life, we’ll make an every day comparison. When someone has an enzyme deficiency or malfunction, we typically become aware of the issue when we begin experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms after a meal. For example – stomach pains, excess gas, bloating, discomfort, overwhelming feeling of fullness, etc. We struggle with this because the foods are not being broken down correctly. Many people are lactose intolerant. When these people drink milk, their bodies cannot digest lactose, which is the sugar naturally found in milk, and they experience intense discomfort. Taking the correct digestive enzyme supplement could help avoid this.

However, there is a long list of health benefits that accompany digestive enzymes and they can be taken for many reasons.

When To Take Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are powerful and useful, but they are most capable when you know when to take them. Digestive enzymes should always be taken with food. The timing throughout your day isn’t crucial, but taking them with your food is. Anytime within 30 minutes of consuming food is going to be the most effective.

There is no standard dosage for digestive enzymes. It is best to refer to the label inside the packaging of your supplement to determine the correct dosage for you. The recommended amount will vary depending on the type and strength of the enzyme supplement.

Benefits of Digestive Enzymes

  • Break down food in body
  • Maximize body’s nutrient intake
  • Helps with pancreatic insufficiency
  • Helps with lactose intolerances
  • Helps ease discomfort from high fiber diets

Risks of Digestive Enzymes

  • Diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain/cramps
  • Nausea

Top Brands of Digestive Enzymes

  • Jarrow
  • NOW Foods
  • Thorne
  • Klaire
  • Infinite Health
  • Power Blendz
  • Zen Wise Labs
  • Source Naturals
  • Health Labs

Digestive enzymes can be a very beneficial supplement for people of all ages. If you are planning on supplementing your diet, remember to note when to take digestive enzymes.