Top 10 Best Immune System Boosting Supplements

Having an strong immune system should always be our top priority, however this often isn’t the case. Depending on our lifestyles, our diets, our body types, and our mental health, it’s easy for our immune systems levels to be low. Healthy immune systems allow us to fight off sicknesses, diseases, and illnesses. They also keep us feeling energized and youthful, which is just what we need to take on the world! A healthy immune system allows you to do every day activities and more — such as working out, bodybuilding, and any other strenuous activity we need to do to get strong!

We’ve created a list of the Top 10 Immune System Boosting Supplements just for you! These supplements are fairly priced, easy to take, easy to add into your daily routine, and should be taken every day. Taking an immune system boosting supplement every day rather than when you start to feel run down will help you stay on your A game. They will fight off any sicknesses or fatigue before they even strike!

10. Multivitamins:

Taking a multivitamin every morning is something that everyone should consider. Multivitamins are great for everyone, but they are especially useful for people with low immune systems. Multivitamins are a quick, easy and affordable way to fill any dietary gaps, boost immune systems, and strengthen bones.

Take a multivitamins and kick those sicknesses to the curb!

9. Omega-3 Fish Oil:

Fish oil! The almighty supplement! There isn’t much that fish oil can’t do but when it comes to boosting immune systems levels and warding off sicknesses and diseases. Fish oil is basically the holy grail of supplement. It  has health benefits such as fighting off conditions, diseases, inflammation, and cardiovascular diseases. Also, a study was done on fish oil in 2012 in which its immune system function was proven. The published study titled “Brain, Behavior and Immunity” explains the supplement’s immune system enhancing effects post exercise. In the study fish oil was given to individuals after a workout session. The researchers concluded that fish oil effectively improved post-exercise immune system function. Not only does this mean it’s a great supplement for this article, it also means that the supplement should be taken after physical exercise, when the immune levels are at their weakest, in order to maximize its potential.

8. Echinacea:

Echinacea is an immune system booster than we just can’t get enough of! When taken daily, Echinacea has been proven to prevent and treat a long list of infections. The supplement is actually a group of wildflowers. There are several species used to make the supplement.

Echinacea stimulates the immune system and prevents and treats upper and lower respiratory tract infections. It also enhances wound healing, and treats eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions when applied topically. Echinacea has been long used for treatments but was introduced into medical practice in the U.S. in the 1880s as a treatment for common colds and infections. This all natural immune system booster is one of the best options for people with weak immune systems!

7. Probiotics:

Probiotics are key for boosting immune system health. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are actually good for our health! Probiotics are commonly referred to as “good” bacteria. It’s an interesting concept, and it works! Our bodies are actually full of bacteria, some are good, some are bad. Probiotics are a bacteria that we actually encourage in our bodies! Probiotics are essential. They help keep our gut healthy!

Probiotics work in a few different ways. One way they keep us healthy is by replacing good bacteria when our bodies are in need. For example, after taking antibiotics, our bodies lose “good” bacteria. They also work by keeping a proper balance between our “good” and “bad” bacteria. Probiotics are perfect for those with weak immune systems because they keep your digestive health in check. All sicknesses and diseases start in the gut, so it’s very important to take care of your gut. Who wants a cold or another illness when they’re avoidable? Digestive health is far more important than we’re led to believe. Probiotics keep everything in there moving at the right pace so your metabolism is quick and your health is top notch.

6. Olive Leaf Extract:

Olive leaf extract is far from common, but it has a long list of health benefits. The supplement comes from the leaves of olive trees. It is a traditional medicinal herb that provides antibacterial, antiviral, and anti fungal benefits to fight off infections. Oleuropein is the powerful compound found in the extract that holds all of the strength. This compound interferes with the growth of viruses and bacteria within the body. Olive leaf extract is the ultimate immune system saver! Give it a try!

5. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant with many benefits, one of which includes boosting our immune systems! The main benefit is its ability to help the body form and maintain connective tissue. Vitamin C fights bacteria, viruses, infections, promotes strong and healthy bones, skin, and teeth, boosts the body’s ability to heal wounds and cuts, and so much more. It can be difficult to get enough vitamin C through diet alone, especially if you have a weak immune system. Vitamin C supplements are easy to take and affordable. Everyone should be adding Vitamin C supplements into their daily routine!

4. Aged Garlic Extract:

Aged garlic extract is one of the supplements that isn’t very popular in the U.S. medical world, but in due time it will receive the recognition it deserves. Garlic contains many compounds that have the potential to actually influence our immunity. Who would have thought?

Aged garlic extract has the ability to fight off infections, bacterias, viruses, and fungi. It has a strong effect on the body’s immune cells which is why it can be used to not only fight off major harmful infections and viruses but also things as simple as reducing cold and flu symptoms. Give this all natural supplement a chance!

3. Vitamin D:

Most people are vitamin D deficient and they have no idea! This is so silly because there’s not much than vitamin D can’t do. However, one of the most recognizable effects of vitamin D is its effect on the body’s immune system. Vitamin D is commonly used in the prevention of flus, colds, cancers, and over 200 different diseases. The proper levels of vitamin D within your body can actually ward off any and all possible infections! Taking a vitamin D supplement every morning will bring you nothing but happiness – we promise!

2. Zinc:

Zinc is a mineral that really packs a punch. Zinc keeps the immune system strong and healthy (yay!), helps heal wounds, and supports normal growth and development. Zinc deficiencies are rare in the United States due to the common diet, but every person is different and sometimes sicknesses are just bound to happen!

Zinc is a great treatment for the common cold due to its impressive immune system capabilities. Taking Zinc supplements every day will greatly reduce your chances of getting sick! Also, sucking on Zinc lozenges when you’ve got a cold will help reduce your symptoms, as well as  shortening the length of your cold!

1. Selenium:

Selenium is perhaps the most important mineral when it comes to immune system health! It’s also crucial for liver health. Without the proper amount of selenium in your body, you’re setting yourself up for a weak immune system and a vulnerable liver.

When your body is lacking selenium, it is much more likely to be taken over by an infection! It’s also likely for your body to recover quickly post infection. That doesn’t sound fun, right? It is much easier for viruses to replicate inside your body if there is a Selenium deficiency within your cells. Viruses will start taking over if Selenium isn’t there to save the day. This supplement is pretty impressive when it comes to its ability to halt negative viral replication. You don’t really have a valid reason to not take Selenium now!