When To Take HMB

What Is HMB?

HMB, or hydroxy beta-methylbutyric is a naturally occurring metabolite in our bodies that is frequently used as a supplement for bodybuilders. When taking HMB as a supplement, it’s important to know how to manage the timing of it. This is why we are discussing when to take HMB. Proper timing can make all the difference in the world.

HMB is an active metabolite of leucine. It reduces muscle protein breakdown, which is key for bodybuilders. The supplement is used to reduce muscle waste during intense exercise periods. It is meant to work on athletes with calorie restricted diets.

When To Take HMB

Understanding when to take HMB is just as important as understanding what it is. HMB is typically taken throughout the day and timed around workout routines. It is recommended to take one of the daily servings an hour before exercising. This will help reduce muscle damage. If you can’t take it before exercising for some reason, take it immediately after.

The recommended dosage for bodybuilding adults is between 1-3 grams per day.

Benefits of HMB

  • Assists with muscle repair
  • Promotes lean muscle mass
  • Off sets muscle breakdown
  • Enhances performance levels

Risks of HMB

HMB is a generally safe supplement to take. However, due to a lack of research and evidence, HMB should be avoided at this time if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Top Brands of HMB

  • Optimum Nutrition
  • NutraKey
  • Double Wood Supplements
  • Bulk Supplements
  • MET-RX
  • NOW Foods
  • Megathom
  • Blonyx

HMB can be a very beneficial supplement for men and women who are looking to get their muscles in tip top health. If you are planning on supplementing with HMB, remember to note when to take HMB.