When To Take Beet Root

What Is Beet Root?

Beet root can be consumed in a lengthy list of ways but however you get it in your system, your body is going to thank you. Just like other supplements, knowing when to take beet root is the best way to gain the results you’re looking for. Beet root is low in fat, packed with vitamins and minerals, and has a bunch of powerful antioxidants. Why not make it part of your day, every day?!

One of the most common ways to add beet root to your diet is actually in supplement form. We like this one not only because it’s portion controlled and highly effective, but also because it doesn’t dirty any dishes!

Beet root supplement has an extremely high nitrate content. It drastically improves physical performance in active people, just second to nitric oxide. Boosting the production of nitric oxide in your body with the help of beet root can increase skeletal muscle blood flow and reduce soreness. Combined, these two benefits can lead to improvement in strength and performance. Basically, beet root can help you reach your A game and keep you there.

When To Take Beet Root

When to take beet root is typically determined once you know your reasons for taking the supplement. Beet root can increase your athletic performance, as discussed above. It can also keep your blood, heart, and liver in tip top shape.

If you are adding beet root to your bodybuilding routine, it is best to consume it before your workout. If you are taking it for other health reasons, starting your day off with beet root is never a bad thing.

Beet Root Dosage

Because there are many different ways to consume beet root, the dosages vary. 500 milligrams of beet root is recommended if it’s in juice form. If taken in capsule form, 500 milligrams is the average amount. However, both of these factors can vary depending on age, weight, health, etc.

What Are The Benefits Of Beet Root?

  • Improves blood flow
  • Slows progression of dementia
  • Great source of potassium, calcium, fiber, sodium, magnesium, and dietary nitrate
  • Great source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and iron
  • Lowers heart rate
  • Regulates metabolism
  • Manages correct fluid levels in body
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Can reduce risk of heart disease
  • Promotes healthy glowing skin
  • Promotes better vision
  • Boosts immune system
  • Supports red blood cell production
  • Contains folate which can help with DNA synthesis inside cells
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Widens blood vessels
  • Strengthens bones and hair

What Are The Risks Of Beet Root?

  • Iron and copper accumulation (dangerous for people with herochromatosis or Wilson disease)
  • Beeturia can occur (red urine and coloration of blood)
  • Nausea
  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Dangerous for pregnant women (many adverse side effects for pregnant women.)

Top Brands Of Beet Root

  • Nature’s Way
  • Bulk Supplements
  • Solaray
  • Activz
  • Starwest Botanicals
  • The Synergy Company
  • Frontier
  • Eclectic Institute

Beet root is an all natural, highly effective supplement loved by many. However, knowing when to take beet root is just as important as remembering to take it at all. Don’t forget that!