Top 10 Best Multivitamins For Bodybuilding

A well rounded multivitamin is a key addition to any health conscious lifestyle, not just a bodybuilding one! If you want to be on your A game, a multivitamin is crucial. Multivitamins fill any potential gaps in your diet, ensuring that your body is ready for all of the intensity that comes along with bodybuilding. A daily multivitamin promotes high efficiency so you can remain strong and healthy throughout your functions, such as metabolism, muscle building, athletic performance, and more.

What To Look For:

Multivitamins include vitamins and minerals. We’ll break down the most common ingredients for you. You should look for these in any multivitamin you plan on buying!


Vitamin A: vision, healthy skin, healthy mucous membranes, bone and tooth growth, immune system health

B Complex Vitamins: Crucial for nerve function, vision and skin health, nervous and digestive systems

Vitamin C: Boosts immune system and protects cells.

Vitamin D: Absorption and use of calcium.

Vitamin E: Powerful antioxidant.

Vitamin K: Promotes bone, teeth, and cartilage health.

Zinc: Promotes immune system health

Amino Acids: Building blocks for protein. Carry out many of the body’s crucial functions like giving cells structure, transporting and storing nutrients, healing wounds, repairing tissue damage, removing waste deposits related to metabolism, and more.


Boron: Metabolism of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous.

Calcium: Strong and healthy bones.

Chromium: Insulin production, strengthens connective tissue.

Iodine: Thyroid hormone synthesis.

Iron: Carries oxygen with protein hemoglobin.

Lutein: Promotes eye health.

Lycopene: Heart health and healthy cholesterol levels.

Magnesium: Over 300 biochemical reactions of body.

Nickel: Promotes healthy skin and bone structure.

Potassium: Used by Autonomic Nervous System which is the heart beat and brain function.

Selenium: Fights against a long list of health problems.

Men Vs. Women:

Men and women require different vitamins and nutrients for their bodies to perform their daily functions properly. This means that men and women should pay close attention to the multivitamins they’re purchasing, to insure they have all of the necessary ingredients. For example, men typically require far less iron than women. And women typically require far more vitamin D than men!

Multivitamins for men typically contain saw palmetto, which supports a healthy prostate. They also usually include horny goat weed and DHEA which both support testosterone.
Women’s multivitamins usually always include a vitamin formula that promote healthy skin, hair, and nails. While these ingredients don’t necessarily promote a better bodybuilding lifestyle, they can’t hurt and it’s important to recognize what they are.

Top 10 Best Multivitamins for Bodybuilding:

10. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

This incredible multivitamin includes more than 25 active ingredients  to support the active bodybuilding lifestyles of men. One serving contains 1,000 mg of free form amino acids, which promotes muscle growth, 1,500 IU of vitamin D, and more than 275 mg of vitamin B complexes. It also contains natural extracts and antioxidants that maintain proper nutrient levels in the body as well as saw palmetto which supports prostate health and prevents testosterone conversion to DHT, which is an unfortunate aging result. We love the Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Multivitamins.

9. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women

This multivitamin is the women’s version of the one above. Made specifically for women, the Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women multivitamin is an all inclusive multivitamin with the proper nutrients and vitamins for active, bodybuilding women. Nutrient levels drop during times of intense training which is why this multivitamin is so necessary! It combines 23 essentials vitamins and minerals and 17 effective ingredients to bring you 40 active ingredients that are insanely powerful. Aside from the 23 essential vitamins and minerals, this multivitamin also contains 100% DV for iron, zinc, and more, 150 g of calcium, and so much more. Plus, all of this is packed inside a vegetarian capsule!

8. XPI Vitaripped

The XPI Vitaripped multivitamin prides itself on containing precise amounts of each nutrient in its capsules. They do this to boost nutrition levels in bodybuilders to increase testosterone for better muscle gains, libido, and virility. The multivitamin uses an all natural formula. It uses 20 essential vitamins and minerals and contains a blend of 12 supplements to enhance sexual health in men and also provide antioxidants to build a defense against free radicals. We love XPI Vitaripped multivitamins! They are perfect for bodybuilders looking to increase their vitality, stamina, and wellness!

7. Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

This multivitamin is no joke! This multivitamin pack contains tablets that work together to activate chemical reactions that are crucial for achieving muscle gains that actually last and aid in pushing through tough workout sessions. This multivitamin formula contains 60 key ingredients that aid in performance, muscle growth, recovery, and so much more! This multivitamin is pretty high on our list and will keep your nutrients levels at extremely high and effective levels!

6. Dymatize Super Multi

The Dymatize Super Multi Multivitamins aims to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of nutrients into the body to increase the performance of the body. If you’re bodybuilding, you want your body to be at its highest level and potential! This multivitamin contains the necessary vitamins and minerals to promote quick recovery and antioxidants to provide powerful protection.

5. Inner Armour Training – Peak

This multivitamin pack is specifically designed to be taken post workout and delivers vitamins and minerals in a time sensitive system that aims to reduce muscle soreness and the loss of strength after high intensity training sessions. The Inner Armour Training – Peak multivitamin pack contains an omega 3-6-9 blend, 250 mg of vitamin C, 200 IU of vitamin E, 100 IU of vitamin D, and BCAAs. This formula is perfectly designed and perfect for bodybuilding.

4. Myogenix Myovite Multivitamin

This multivitamin is perfect for filling in any nutritional gaps that often occur in athletes when they start to lose nutrients during intense workouts. The Myogenix Myovite Multivitamin provides a high amount of vitamin D, folate, biotin, and vitamin B12, higher than most on the market. Myovite can help you get strong and stay strong by preventing fatigue, increasing recovery time, and much more.

3. Musclepharm Arnold Iron Pack

The Musclepharm Arnold Iron Pack is the perfect foundation for every training program. It’s basically the ultimate multivitamin pack to support the building of muscle, reduce recovery time, enhance performance levels, and increase the health of the bones and joints. The pack focuses on providing 6 performance blends to power through extreme training and keep you at the top of your game!

2. Inner Armour Blue Body Armour Elite

This multivitamin complex is insane! This high potency multivitamin is designed with an omega blend, probiotic blend, and fiber complex that aids in overall body enhancement. It boosts energy levels for powerful, long workouts, reduces sore muscles, prevents intrusion of harmful free radicals and stimulates the growth of muscles. We love the Inner Armour Blue Body Armour Elite!

1. MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin

MuscleTech’s Essential Series is a wonderful vitamin and supplement line. Within that line is the MuscleTech Platinum Multivitamin. We love this advanced multivitamin! It contains a high potency of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, vitamin C, and vitamin E to support general health and well being. Each serving provides 20 vitamins and minerals, and 865 mg of amino acid support to boost nutrition levels that are frequently depleted through intense training. This multivitamin is great all around and does it all! We love it!