Top 10 Best Multivitamins For Teenagers

Teenagers often believe their bodies function the same as adults and thus require the same nutrients and vitamins. However, this is far from true. Teenagers require different vitamins and nutrients because their bodies are still growing. Your 15-year-old son may be as tall as you, but that doesn’t mean his body has reached its full potential or finished its growing period.

For example, children and teens require far more iron and calcium than adults. Their bones are growing, their brains are forming, and so much more. While there are some nutrients and supplements you should definitely look for in multivitamins for teenagers, there are also ingredients to avoid. For example, any sort of hormonal supplement, testosterone enhancer, or caffeine such as green tea extract can all be potentially dangerous for teenagers.

It’s crucial to provide your teenager’s bodies with the proper nutrients and vitamins to ensure their health. Even if your teenager eats a perfect diet and exercises every day, multivitamins are still a good idea. Multivitamins can fill in any potential gaps you may not know about. Avoiding vitamin deficiencies in teenagers is the goal here.

The proper multivitamin for your teenager can make all the difference in the world during their crucial growing period. There are a few essential nutrients that will aim to keep your teenager healthy and happy. These are:

Vitamin A:

  • Improves eye health
  • Repairs damaged tissue

B Vitamins:

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Produces energy

Vitamin C:

  • Fights infections
  • Reduces duration of colds

Vitamin D:

  • Improves bone, heart, and brain health
  • Important for anyone at any age


  • Builds strong bones
  • Builds strong teeth


  • Crucial for red blood cells
  • Stimulates muscle growth

Finding a multivitamin that uses each of these essential nutrients as focal points is very important. There are other nutrients that are important as well, so always keep an eye on what your teen’s body may need as well and check the label on the multivitamin. Always know what your teenager is taking…especially if it’s on a daily basis!

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Best Multivitamins for Teenagers. All of these multivitamins can be easily purchased, are highly reviewed, and are possibly crucial for your teenager’s health. The multivitamins we are going to discuss all aim to keep teens healthy, happy, strong, and growing!

10. Nature’s Way – Alive! – Children’s Multivitamin

Nature’s Way Children’s Multivitamins are formulated with all of the best vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and food based nutrients. The multivitamin ensures high energy levels, cardiovascular support, healthy bones, eyes, heart, colon and more. They also support immune system levels and provide whole body nourishment. We prefer the gummy version of the multivitamin. The tablets are not as well formulated so we would skip them if you have a choice. Stick to the Nature’s Way gummy multivitamins for children and you’re ready for anything!

9. Nature Made Kid’s First Multivitamin Gummies

We love Nature Made! They include 12 key vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, are cost effective, and come highly rated. The multivitamins formulated to repair and strengthen muscle tissue for greater mobility, support the heart and other organs, and support mental sharpness. All of these things should most definitely be focused on! They are also tasty and gluten free.

8. Flintstones Gummies – Complete

Flintstones Gummies are definitely not a new thing. They are known all over the country for being one of the best and most popular kids vitamins. We know why! These multivitamins are chewable, tasty, and their ingredients work together to keep kid’s strong and healthy. They support the immune system with vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc. They promote energy with vitamin B6, vitamin B12, biotin, and pantothenic acid. They support healthy eyes with vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. The only thing missing is calcium. But this could be supplemented with another vitamin!

7. Rainbow Light – Nutri Stars Multivitamin & Multimineral Chewables Children’s Tablets

This multivitamin is all natural, highly rated, and chewable. Oh, and it tastes like fruit punch! Does it get any better than that? Rainbow Light created this multivitamin just for kids and teens and they did a wonderful job. The multivitamin aims to fill the gaps in youth’s diets, such as green foods and wholesome vegetables. The multivitamin uses food based ingredients to provide your child with essential nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium, vitamin B-complex, enzymes, and so much more. These 100% natural multivitamins are the best.

6. NOW Foods Kids Vits

NOW Foods carries quite a few different multivitamin formulas and we sure are happy they didn’t leave teens out. These excellent multivitamins are formulated to minimize the daily consumption of pills and fill any dietary gaps with just one pill a day. Most of the available multivitamins are free from animal-sourced ingredients and can be taken in pill, capsule, liquid, or chewable form. The NOW Foods Kids Vits Multivitamin are chewable, easy to add into your teens schedule, and taste pretty good too! They contain all of the necessary daily vitamins and minerals. We love them!

5. SmartyPants – Kids Complete Multi

This multivitamin sets itself apart from the crowd by including a vitamin that most don’t! In addition to 13 essential nutrients, the SmartyPants Kids Complete Multivitamin also includes wild caught omega-3 fish oil. This is added to promote brain health! It’s manufactured in California, uses premium ingredients, and most importantly, it leaves out all of the nasty stuff. No synthetic colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners. We love this multivitamin.

4. One A Day Kids Complete Multivitamin Gummies

One A Day is commonly considered one of the top multivitamin brands on the market. The multivitamin for children and teens is no different than the rest! They’re wonderful. Plus you can buy the batman gummies! These multivitamins provide decent levels of important vitamins and minerals and are inexpensive.

3. Garden of Life – Vitamin Code Kids

This multivitamin is made for children four years and older and is just what your growing children need! The starting age is pretty young but that doesn’t mean they’re not suitable for teens, too. It contains ProBiora3 for Kids, which are probiotics found in the mouths of the healthy kids. The Garden of Life Vitamin Code Kids multivitamins also contain 22 organically grown fruits and vegetables. These ingredients all aim to provide immune system support, promote strong bones, aid in digestive health, promote mental and physical energy, support eye health, and more. These vegetarian, gluten free, and whole food multivitamins are one of the best options out there for teenagers!

2. Centrum Kids Multivitamin

Centrum has remained the best vitamin brand for quite awhile now. It’s wonderful for all ages, genders, body types, and diets. As the country’s most popular vitamin brand, Centrum’s multivitamins adhere to the latest dietary guidelines and requirements and offer a full range of vitamins and minerals. They don’t leave anything out. The Centrum Kids Multivitamins are all wonderful! There are a few different options (chewable, swallowable, flavor burst, etc.) Regardless of the differences in taste, all of these multivitamins are top of the line. They provide antioxidants, vitamins A, C, D, E, B vitamins, biotin, zinc, folic acid, and more.

1. Nordic Naturals – Nordic Berries – Multivitamin Treats for Adults and Kids

These multivitamins are great for everyone! They’re chewable, have a delicious sweet and sour taste, are great for children over 2 years old, and provide all of the crucial vitamins and nutrients for growing bodies. Yes these are suitable for toddlers but they’re also great for teens! They are complete with vitamins A, B, C, D3, E, and zinc. All of these are perfect for growing teens. They also include calcium (which can be hard to find in a multivitamin), thiamin, biotin, folic acid, magnesium, and more. These natural multivitamins are definitely some of the best on the market. We love the Nordic Berries!