When To Take Casein Protein

What Is Casein Protein?

Casein protein is a protein supplement used by many for a few different reasons. While it is most frequently used for bodybuilding, it has other benefits as well. As with other supplements, it’s important to know when to take casein protein. Timing your casein protein supplement is the best way to see results.

Casein protein is one of the two proteins that make up dairy protein. The other is whey protein. Just like all proteins, it’s a source of dietary amino acids. Since casein is derived from milk, most humans consume it through cow’s milk. Because it is sourced from an animal, it contains all of the essential amino acids for sufficient human functioning. This is at the bare minimum level for the recommended protein intake.

Casein is most commonly known as the slow digesting protein. It is non-stimulatory, meaning that is doesn’t actually manipulate the chemicals in your body. However, it does provide calories to your body which can be used to gain muscle mass and change your energy levels.

When To Take Casein Protein

Many people determine when to take casein protein depending on their bodybuilding regimens. It contains a great deal of calories which can then be used in a few different ways. It could also be consumed if you need to gain weight for health concerns and are having trouble doing so naturally.

Casein protein is the most effective when taken right before bed. Our bodies fast every night for 8-9 hours while we are sleeping. Because it is a slow digesting protein, our bodies take time digesting it and it keeps our muscles healthy and strong, instead of hungry and tired.

Casein Protein Dosage

The recommended dosage for casein protein is 20-30 grams. This dosage may change depending on body weight, health, age, and other factors.

What Are The Benefits Of Casein Protein?

Regardless of the protein supplement you are using — eggs, whey, meat, etc. — you are going to experience some wonderful benefits. However, casein stands out from the pack. Casein, with its slow digesting nature, is able to provide your bloodstream with the best possible flow of amino acids. This slow and steady flow can last for hours.

Some other benefits of casein protein are…

  • Muscle retention: a low calorie diet usually accompanies bodybuilding routines. Casein can help you gain lean muscle mass while on a low calorie diet.
  • Rapid fat loss: casein is high in calcium content and calcium is known to help burn fat.
  • Promotes colon health: why not kill two birds with one stone? Research has shown that dairy proteins promote colon health more than soy and meat.
  • Great quality protein: that’s about it. It’s one of the best protein supplements on the market right now.

What Are The Risks Of Casein Protein?

  • Cancer: all animals proteins have cancer-related risks. Casein protein is no different. The only true way to consume protein without any cancer risks is through plant derived proteins.
  • Respiratory Problems: casein is thick and coarse and can form mucus. It’s possible for the respiratory system to become clogged or irritated.
  • Allergies/Illness: this goes hand-in-hand with the respiratory system risk. If your respiratory system is not at its best, your body becomes more susceptible to allergies and illnesses.

Top Brands Of Casein Protein

  • Optimum Nutrition
  • Six Star
  • Bulk Supplements
  • Muscle Pharm
  • Naked Casein
  • Dymatize
  • BodyBuilding.com Foundation Series
  • Micellar

Casein protein is a hearty, important, and highly effective supplement for anyone looking to get into tip top shape. Don’t forget – knowing when to take casein protein is the most important aspect of this supplement.